About us

Mitella Online LLC is a company that retails on Amazon. We buy from well established brands and retail them on Amazon and other eCommerce sites. We believe in building a long lasting B2B relationships with our suppliers and maintain a good standard of reputation with all business partners.

We make business better by delivering reliable and proven business strategy.

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    Developing an effective strategy

    With a well proven business strategy, its easy to forecast your returns on investment. These and more why Mitella Online LLC stands out. Talk to us today.

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    Automated and Effective Data Analysis

    With the use of digital tools, Mitella staffs are able to make accurate decisions based on historical price data of items that intend increase profitability.

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    Delivery and Executions

    Based on the accuracy of the retail data we obtain from our analysis, we are able to execute sales orders in a timely fashion. These helps our suppliers to receive payments without delays.

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